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Punk Unicorn enamel pins
Ben Farrow

Mayhem, not magic! A cute unicorn enamel pin with a punk attitude

Paignton, UK

Blackwind Project: A new plot-driven tabletop RPG
Elisa Mignemi

Blackwind brings the plot back in the spotlight with modern rules, dynamic mechanics and unmatched creative freedom.

Genoa, Italy
Tabletop Games

The Bigly Ball Project - Winning Presidential Advice!

The Bigly Ball Success System is advice modeled after a real "winner" who reached the highest position in the world!

Las Palmas, Spain

LIFE LESSONS: A guide for facing important situations
Emilio Vicente

Your opportunity TO REACH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL - A guide for making the right decisions when you face important and critical situations.

Zaragoza, Spain

United Watch - Deep Learning Crowd Sourced Community Watch
Michael Nagy

Child Abduction Alert App that can search for the suspect vehicle for you. Turn mobile devices into points in a global community watch.

Portage, WI

The Children's Book for Little Girls Who Dream BIG!
Sharita Manickam & Jen Bruno

"Rad Girl Revolution" is a book that shows young girls they can be anything - from a CEO or astronaut to an athlete or even President!

New York, NY
Children's Books

World's Most Comfortable Super Stretch Shirts For Travel
The Stretch Suit, London

Introducing the performance Super Stretch Shirt, made for the modern man who is always on the go. Designed In London, made in Europe.

London, UK

Created 4 Food Podcast 2018
Jacob Wagner

Exploring how God created the human body. Using food science, health, and scripture to discover how we work and what to do about it.

Sacramento, CA

I'm Making A New Album, and Much Much More!
Superstar Runner

Various albums and Music Videos throughout the next year, including two albums in Summer 2018

Asbury Park, NJ
Indie Rock

Women Up To No Good
Joanne Merriam

Support feminist anthologies of dark fiction!

Nashville, TN

Alder's Blood
MichaƂ Bernat

Alder's Blood: Swamped in a mixture of blood and mud, turn-based tactical strategy game, where the nature is ruled by pure madness.

Lublin, Poland

A Self-Coaching Journal for Women: Her Words, Her Guide
Celeste C.

Every Woman's Companion to Harness the Power of Inner Wisdom

Vancouver, Canada

GoTalk Pro - Ultimate Communication Gear.
Go Talk Pro LTD

CB radio comes back with a vengeance. We revive it with a modern twist - with a GPS app, a tactical HUD and a bluetooth handset.

London, UK

Aliens Ransom Earth
Ed Miesak

I want to make a video version of a short story I wrote. It's a study of human nature/destiny using space as a background.

Orlando, FL

After The End
River Devereux

A Christian drama film about loss, redemption and grace.

Auckland, NZ

The Coffey Spit
Shane Coffey

Thinking outside of the box and creating a compact light Spit to be used with a backpacking wood stove or an open fire.

Council Bluffs, IA

A Book of Art and Poetry by Artificial Intelligence
Anteism Publishing

Machines Upon Every Flower - Computational Creativity is explored in this book of Art and Poetry created by Artificial Intelligence.

Montreal, Canada
Art Books

Portals and Prophets - A Bible themed time travel game
Andrew Harmon

A set collection and hand management game for 2-5 players that plays in under an hour and the whole family can enjoy.

Kalamazoo, MI
Tabletop Games

DefyU: Live Sports & Gaming Become One
DefyU Technologies

The highly addictive fantasy football game that will destroy your friendships, in a good fun.

Barcelona, Spain

A Far off Land: A Fate RPG in Two Worlds
Megan Bennett-Burks

An RPG for Fate where modern meets mythic fantasy in two imperiled worlds, where the intrigues of the Courts & Factions play out.

Cotati, CA
Tabletop Games

HonestRoot Smoothies: Healthy Made Easy (100% Organic)

Amazingly delicious Organic ready to blend smoothies delivered to your door for you to enjoy whenever you like!

London, UK

The Wanderlust Travel Backpack: Backpack Travel Simplified!
Wanderlust Travel Co.

A fully integrated travel system intelligently designed to simplify backpack travelling by providing all the gear you need in one set

Calgary, Canada
Product Design

The Chinchillo
The Chinchillo

The Chinchillo is comfort with a cause. For every Chinchillo that is sold, another Chinchillo is given to the homeless.

Rochester, NY

Solace Crafting | Distance-Based Fantasy Survival RPG
Big Kitty Games

48km view of infinite procedural content. Travel the dimensions, setup outposts, custom recipes, open classes, easy building, and more!

Takasaki-shi, Japan
Video Games

Mayfield Eight
Tim Larsen

A comic book about a 17 year old who goes up against bikers,drug dealers and crooked cops in 1970s New Mexico.

Santa Cruz, CA
Graphic Novels

Smart Cruise
carter davis pruett

Transform your car cruise control into a smart cruise control.

Birmingham, AL

50 States of Pollinators
Shannon Marlow du Plessis

Travel to 50 states +DC, advocating for pollinators while creating macro photos for an exhibition to promote their protection

Wimberley, TX

Tradewala Game

Adrenaline-packed trading card game that satirizes the world we live in.

Chicago, IL
Tabletop Games

Time-In ToolKit
Suzanne Tucker, PT, Parent Educator

An alternative to time-outs and behavioral charts that helps parents, educators, and therapists teach children emotional regulation.

St. Louis, MO

PYYROS - The Ultimate Survival Tool & Flashlight

PYYROS, The ultimate survival tool and flashlight, was designed and built for the most extreme environments on land, sea and in the air

Bolivar, TN

Speechify: Give your child a voice.
Vas Putcha

Over 40% of Autistic children are non-verbal. Is YOUR child one of them? Speechify - an app to help non-verbal children communicate.

New Brunswick, NJ

AstroBox Touch: A Powerful Touchscreen for your 3D Printer

The AstroBox Touch is a simple, powerful touchscreen that is wireless, cloud connected, and infinitely extensible with apps.

San Diego, CA
3d Printing

LEDUNIA | The WiFi-Enabled IoT Dev Board | Made in Germany

Ledunia is a wifi-enabled development board, including a full TCP/IP stack, which you can use for rapid prototyping any IoT application

Nuremberg, Germany

Smore Magazine: Ignite Her Brilliance
Sarita Menon

An unconventional comic book style science magazine designed to get girls STEM-smart. Created for girls. Recommended for all humans.

Houston, TX
Children's Books

Trine - Fidget Spinner and Desk Toy
Matt Niekamp

A quality fidget spinner, designed and manufactured in the USA. Machined from billet material and assembled with full ceramic bearings.

Kingston, NY
Product Design

Reflexbox 2.0 : Innovative Multimedial Wireless Charger
Mattia Morghen

Much more than just a wireless charger : Alarm - Cinema - Clock - Date - Games - NiceDay - Photoslider - Weather

Trenzano, Italy

Time Wanderer - A time travel action RPG!
Timeless Games Inc.

Time Wanderer is a breathtaking 2D Action RPG filled with puzzles, dynamic combats, exploration, within an exciting sci-fi story!

Madrid, Spain
Video Games

The Numba Ninja Game

World's ONLY system for learning mental multiplication WITHOUT memorizing tables. Great for kids, teenagers AND adults.

West Sussex, UK
Tabletop Games

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